[time-nuts] GPS TIMING SOLUTION CXR LARUS 545000-9

Bill Reed breed at otelco.net
Sun Aug 30 23:00:11 EDT 2015


I got at auction three CXR LARUS 54500-9 chassis.
They slots are empty – no cards included.
The chassis have two GPSDO slots and 13 others ???

The back panel has:
1. Two TNC antenna connectors
2. Three BNC connectors 
      a.  10 MHz
      b.  1 PPS
      c.   IRIG-B
3. RJxx  TCC/IP
4.  A Jones terminal for 48 vdc and Battery 

The chassis are 12 x 12 x 18 and 20 lbs.
If you have cards here is the deal.
$ 20.00 plus shipping (each).  Negotiable
Contact me offline for more details.


breed at otelco.net

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