[time-nuts] Frequency Divider Board redux

David C. Partridge david.partridge at perdrix.co.uk
Fri Jan 2 14:06:26 EST 2015

I've been approached a few times in the recent past asking if I would do a re-spin of my frequency divider board.

For details of this please see: <http://www.perdrix.co.uk/FrequencyDivider/index.html>

It isn't viable to do this unless I can get orders for at least 40 and preferably more (the last production run was 100 units).

At this stage I'm not requesting orders, but attempting to determine interest levels.  If you would be interested in an re-run of these boards (possibly with some enhancements), please could you mail me OFF_LIST using the subject "Frequency Divider" and stating the number of boards you would want.  The last boards from the previous production run (of 100) were selling at around GBP62.50 each EXCLUDING P&P. (£75 including P&P to anywhere).  Fewer boards increases the cost (unfortunately).

My email address is david dot partridge at perdrix dot co dot uk.

David Partridge 

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