[time-nuts] HP 58503A Com 4 conflict

James Robbins jsrobbins at earthlink.net
Sun Jan 4 10:50:28 EST 2015

My new old HP58503A wants to connect to my PC on Com 1-4.  Other PC devices are already using those 4 Com ports.  

Is there any way to connect it to a Com port other than one of those 1 to 4?

I currently use an Edgeport USB-to-Serial Converter which works very well to communicate with the PC and to assign Com ports to my various GPS units.  But, as far as I know, the chosen Edgeport Com port must fall within the range of Com ports which for which the device is designed.

If this has been answered, please point me to the discussion.  Many thanks.  And, Happy New Year to all, with wishes for a more peaceful (and timely - couldn't resist) year.

Jim Robbins

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