[time-nuts] Any reason not to use one power amplifier and splitter for distribution amplifier?

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Mon Jan 5 14:15:34 EST 2015

Happy New Years All! I have seen a number of discussions on various approaches to distribution amps discussed on Time-Nuts ranging from DYI to products intended for Video. 
I thought I my weigh in with one point of interest; It seems like long term performance is pretty easy, but a low phase noise solution is quite a different story. Looking at the number of application specific products from MicroSemi/Symmetricom and other manufactures claimed and even more so real world specs vary a great deal so apparently it s not easy to just throw something together with great or even good close in phase noise.  So depending on your labs direction in the future it may be worth researching and investing in an application specific distribution amp. I like the MicroSemi 4036B but there are a number of very good products out there on the surplus market selling for a small fraction of their original cost. 
Thomas Knox

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> Subject: Re: [time-nuts] Any reason not to use one power amplifier and	splitter for distribution amplifier?
> A cheap and dirty equivalent of a pass thru terminator that I use is a BNC t
> connector with a 52 ohm bnc terminator.  I guess you could use a CATV 75 ohm
> F type with an adapter. Maybe that combination would produce too much
> garbage.
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