[time-nuts] VC-OCXO EFC stability.

Daniel Mendes dmendesf at gmail.com
Tue Jan 6 20:49:50 EST 2015

I tried something like that once just to discover that the OCXO VFC port 
had low impedance, so my voltage divider didnĀ“t behave very well. So i 
put an amp op in unitary gain configuration between the two and things 
improved a lot. Then I changed the amp op for a DP precision part and 
things improved again. Then I choose resistors/trim pot with low TCR for 
the voltage divider and things improved again. Then I made a good 
layout, termally coupling the resistors.... well, you see this has no end :)


On 06/01/2015 22:40, ct1dmk wrote:
> Hi,
> With a multiturn pot and a 78L05 I can get a 0 to 5V EFC to tune
> an OCXO on desired freq. But... maybe other voltage regulators
> or other scheme have better temp stability than the old 78L05.
> Before I crawl lost in new'ish fancy regulator land does anybody
> know the killer solution/IC for this job ?
> Luis Cupido
> ct1dmk.
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