[time-nuts] June 30 2015 leap second

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Wed Jan 7 01:14:31 EST 2015

>> I think you can see this as a 15 second jump if you watch
>> a GPS receiver doing a cold start.  I mean really cold as in
>> no memory at all rather than it 

time at patoka.org said:
> Exactly ! I saw that behaviour few times.But I was thinking its because  of
> some very old satelites which knows nothing about recent leap seconds  send
> that information to the air. Yeah, I know.. So naive... ;-) 

> I have my T-Bolt running 24x ...

Does anybody know the details of the TBolt?  Does it have any way to remember 
the almanac or time without external power?  I looked at a few pictures from 
the net and didn't see anything that looked appropriate, but I didn't pull 
the cover off mine.

A large cap would probably provide a few minutes to hours without using 
super-cap technology which probably didn't exist when the TBolt was designed 
or adding nasty chemicals that batteries usually contain.

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