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Are those not the ones that have no EFC
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I would like to buy 4 or 5 Milliren 260-0544-C from  Excess Solutions as
it was discussed 22 october 2014, but their shipping  rates are really 
(127 USD for 4 of them). So I would like to know  if there's someone in the 
who can buy them for me and ship them cheaply;  eventually if there's 
interested in a group buy we can then ask  them a discount on the units. Now
they have a stock of 39 and sell them 15  USD each.

Also I would like to know if there's someone in EU interested  to buy the
lucent kit so we can buy two (or more) and divide the shipping  rates. I 
can use
Euroexpress to ship the goods inside EU and it's cheap  enough it would be

Best  regards,
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