[time-nuts] Any reason not to use one power amplifier and splitter for distribution amplifier?

Charles Steinmetz csteinmetz at yandex.com
Thu Jan 8 05:03:37 EST 2015

Dave wrote:

>Yes, but I was aware of this, and that's why I got two different isolation

What I was pointing out is that there will be *4* different isolation 
figures from any one output port, not just two.  The lowest will be 
to the one electrically adjacent output, next (a bit higher) will be 
to two outputs at one remove, then (a bit higher yet) to four outputs 
twice removed, and finally (the highest) to eight outputs thrice 
removed (these eight are the ones you are calling "on the other 1:8 

Perhaps a diagram is in order (see below).  Each dot represents a 1:2 
splitter.  (I've drawn only 1:8.  A 1:16 is just this plus another 
1:8, connected to the two outputs of another 1:2 splitter.)

To find the worst case output-to-output isolation, you need to 
identify two electrically adjacent output ports -- either by 
measurement or from the manufacturer's published data.

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