[time-nuts] Four questions on Datum PRS-50

Claude Houde va2hdd at aei.ca
Fri Jan 9 22:06:29 EST 2015

Hello and Happy new year to all list members.

I have four questions regarding a Datum PRS-50:

1 - Is it similar to another Datum Cesium like the FTS 4060 or another 
FTS series Cesium ?

2 - Is there a list of commands and the data the with get out of the 
RS-232 port, which port (front or back ) should I use, and what are the 
COM parameters (baud rate, parity, etc) ?

3 - I checked on the web and found no manual (service or users) and no 
trace of the software use to control the unit.  If someone has it and 
want to share, I would appreciate.

4 - I'm getting this unit from a friend as is, and I don't know if it is 
working or not.  What would be a fair offer, I don't know the going 
price on these or how common are they.

Thank you !


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