[time-nuts] L1 and L2 frequencies

Tom Van Baak tvb at LeapSecond.com
Thu Jan 15 16:50:22 EST 2015

> If we had dual or tripple frequency receivers below 500 USD things would 
> start to be interesting. If high-volume kits would be just twice as 
> expensive, it would be possible to consider for more luxury models.

Hi Magnus,

I am currently (but slowly) evaluating about a dozen near identical, surplus, dual-frequency, carrier-phase GPS receivers with the goal of making them available to a select handful of interested time nuts. This is at or below your price point (antenna not included). Priority given to those who are willing to actively work as a small group to share info and get the best use out of them, even it means some h/w or s/w hacking. Having a cesium LO is probably required. I am getting cm levels of accuracy; next step is to process the timing information. More info about all this a month from now. Contact me off-list.


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