[time-nuts] Time Nuts Overload, 30 day status

Tom Van Baak tvb at LeapSecond.com
Mon Jan 19 10:05:59 EST 2015

Hello fellow time nuts,

As many of you know, there was a slow meltdown of the time-nuts mailing list late last year. We put a stop to it mid-December (see [1] and [2]). The goal was to get the list back to 10 to 20 high-quality postings per day.

The list was sort of turning into a social network, with many worthless postings, hourly updates on personal projects, and with some members monopolizing bandwidth by commenting on anything anyone posted.

To see how well the new scheme is working, here is a plot of the last 100 days:

By the way, since "postings per day" is a frequency, you can compute the ADEV. At a tau of 1 week, the list is now about 5x more stable than it used to be. The signal is the same; the noise is way down.

The moderation effort sometimes introduces latency. Priority is given to newcomers to the list, to good questions, to good answers (vs. guesses), to actual results (vs. daydreaming), to technical content (vs. chit-chat), to on-topic posts and replies. Almost all posts show up on the list. Messages that are spam, or administrative, or too off-topic, or duplicate, or inflammatory, or accidental personal emails, etc. are withheld.

Now everyone can go back to actually reading time-nuts each day. I hope you have noticed a change for the better this past month. Shortly, we will invite all those who left time-nuts in the past year to re-join.

If you have comments, contact me off-list.


[1] Time Nuts Overload

[2] Time Nuts Overload, part 2

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