[time-nuts] SR620 setup with TimeLab

James Robbins jsrobbins at earthlink.net
Tue Jan 20 17:18:45 EST 2015

Does anyone have experience setting up a SR620 for use with TimeLab?


(I have used my 53132A in its' "Talk Only" mode quite successfully.)


I am using a Null Modem RS232 cable (I have also tried a straight through


I am running a 10MHz oscillator into the first channel of the 620 against my
Fury as a TB and trying to produce an ADEV.


The TimeLab "Monitor" box shows the following text updated every second or
so:  "STRT;*WAI;XAVG"  I have chosen "Acquire" for the SR620 from the TL


I have set up the SR620 with the following settings:


Configuration Menu:  CTRL

1.            RS232 19.2K

2.            Echo OFF

3.            Bits 8

4.            PAR None

5.            COM port correctly set in TL (using an Edgeport converter for
RS232 to USB)


Configuration Menu:  OUT

1.            Output is PRINTER

2.            PmPort is PRINT

3.            Graph is OFF


I have tried various other choices, but nothing seems to cause TL to read
anything but STRT;*WAI,XAVG.


I would be happy to exchange info off list.  jsrobbins at earthlink.net.


Jim Robbins







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