[time-nuts] Can one update firmware of Stanford Research Systems SR620 time interval counter?

Tom Van Baak tvb at LeapSecond.com
Thu Jan 22 05:14:06 EST 2015

I heard back from SRS and 1.48 is the current f/w rev level for the SR 620.

List -- we're still tracking down the root cause of the strange response Dave is seeing from his *IDN? command. There was some questionable usage of ibwrt() and ibrd() and atof() in his test program as well as possible EOI timing issues with his PC and NI GPIB card. So no perfect explanation yet.


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Subject: [time-nuts] Can one update firmware of Stanford Research Systems SR620 time interval counter?

> I'm just in the process of trying to look at writing some GPIB
> software for my SR620, which is a fairly new arrival. I paid $950 for
> it, which I think was pretty good, considering it has the high
> stability time base.
> Anyway, the first thing after setting the GPIB address to something
> that did not clash with other equipment I had, was to send it the
> usual *IDN? to hopefully get some response from it. Sure enough, it
> did respond with:
> drkirkby at buzzard:~/SR620-1/src$ ./tic  15
> StanfordResearchSystems,SR620,03154,1.48
> e
> I was a bit surprised by the letter "e" on another line, but anyway,
> that is what it did. According to the manual,
> "This string is in the format:
> StanfordResearchSystems, SR620, serial number,
> version number. Where "serial number" is the five
> digit serial number of the particular unit, and
> "version number" is the 3 digit firmware version
> number."
> So it looks like I have firmware 1.48.
> Does anyone know the latest firmware, whether it is possible to update
> the firmware, and if so how? Also, does anyone have a lit of the
> changes between firmware releases? If there are some major bugs fixed,
> I'd be more keen to update, but if the changes are quite minor, I am
> less inclined to bother.
> Dave
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