[time-nuts] Racal Dana 1992 universal counter

Bill Hawkins bill at iaxs.net
Thu Jan 22 13:12:22 EST 2015

Hello Chris,

I have several 1992 instruments. Tried using eBay junk to do GPIB, but
never got beyond HyperTerminal messages.

It turns out that some of those counter/timers were for military use,
and that military GPIB is different.

There is a jumper on some instruments that lets you select standard or
military. Can't be more specific until I dig out the manual.

The Phase A-B feature was very useful for comparing precision

Bill Hawkins 

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From: christophenacci at virgilio.it
Sent: Thursday, January 22, 2015 6:15 AM

Hello everybody,
i am looking for an interface pc card for a Racal-Dana Model 1992
Nanosecond Universal Counter Timer 1.3 GHz.Please could someone give me
some suggestions about a card that might suite this counter?
I was told that a GIPB-USB interface controller should work (for
instance ADLINK usb-3488A IEEE-488)  but i'd like to be 100% sure.Has
someone maybe direct experience with that?
Thanks in advance and best regards,
Chris Nacci


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