[time-nuts] Questions regarding tuning Thunderbolt with Lady Heather

Skip Withrow skip.withrow at gmail.com
Fri Jan 23 22:58:27 EST 2015

Hello Nuts,
I have been playing a bit tuning a Thunderbolt with Lady Heather and now
have more questions than answers.  The collective time-nut brain would be

1. Using the '&' command I can change the damping and time constant in LH.
Are these values immediately transferred to the TB?

2. Do I have to use the LH 'e' command to permenantly save new damping and
time constant values to the TB?

3. After using the '&' and 'e' command the lock-in behaviour of the TB does
not seem to change.  Is this normal behaviour?  Is one set of values used
when locking and the adjusted values used once it is phase locked?

4.Is there some way to read out the values stored in the TB?  When I use
the 'e' command on the TB, change values in LH, then restart LH and the TB
I see the last values given to LH, and not what I thought was saved with
the 'e' command.

5. If the TB is placed in hold mode and the DAC set to 0.0 volts it
actually goes to 0.2 volts (min is at -5, max is at +5, and iv is 0.0 which
it actually starts at on power up).  Anyone know why?

Thanks in advance for any guidance!
Skip Withrow

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