[time-nuts] question Alan deviation measured with Timelab and counters

Adrian rfnuts at arcor.de
Sat Jan 24 17:54:42 EST 2015

Hi St├ęphane,

have you read W. Riley's paper on a DMTD system?


St├ęphane Rey schrieb:
> Hi guys.
> After several experiments I could discover that the "bad" ADEV from the two GPSDO DUT are due to GPS lock losses. This is probably because the antenna is outside the windows but half the sky is hidden. We can see the on the frequency plot the sharp change of 0.5Hz and the locking. Good point.
> I'm now trying to evaluate various architectures of 2-channels squarers and a DMDT. For that I'm designing a PCB with 4 squarers : simple 74ac04 gate biased at VCC/2, a LT1016 comparator, the transistor based differential amplifier from Winzel and the one from Charles. I will add two balanced mixers (minicircuits), IF filters and amplifiers. 
> Does anyone has an idea of what I could add for this evaluation ? 
> Cheers
> Stephane

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