[time-nuts] (no subject)

Charles Steinmetz csteinmetz at yandex.com
Sun Jan 25 14:53:32 EST 2015

>Typically a PLL loop uses a PI loop-filter, making it a PI-control 
>system with a steered integrator in the form of the oscillator. Many 
>other control systems prefer to use the PID controller

I have seen no evidence that the Thunderbolt, in particular, uses a D 
term.  Nor have I seen any evidence that it steps the PLL loop 
parameters during startup.  It *is* capable of "jam setting" the 
oscillator phase (allowing cycle slips to reset the phase error 
within +/- 50 nS), which can speed up the lock time considerably.  I 
thought it was supposed to do this automatically if you turn jam 
setting ON and set a phase error limit, but I have never seen one jam 
the phase without sending it a manual jam command, even with jamming 
ON and a phase error limit set.

If anyone has managed to get a Tbolt to jam the oscillator phase 
automatically on startup, I'd be interested to know how.

Best regards,


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