[time-nuts] 5>10 doubler and old Toko RF catalogue (Cirkit 2nd ed. 1994)

Andrea Baldoni erm1eaae7 at ermione.com
Tue Jan 27 10:53:07 EST 2015

Hello All.

Now I have some 5MHz DOCXO. I have started to experiment with them
and I would like to build a frequency doubler.
I already saw the very nice circuit from Gerhard Hoffmann for the Lucent, I saw
some diode circuits from Wenzel (my oscillators output around 1.5Vpp
loaded, too scarce for diodes alone; I used a 1:2 transformer just to try
and I obtained the 10MHz but not good for anything) and I saw the doubler
circuit Racal Dana used in some counters I attached.

I would like to build something like one of those; it's a full wave rectifier
made by a differential amplifier and two diodes, followed by a 10MHz amp/filter
chain much like the IF of FM radios (with AGC too!). I don't know if it's
adequate for serious use; I also saw the Z3811-80007 doubler board used in
Z3815A and Z3805A according to the seller, much more modern and surely better,
but I have not its schematic. Someone knows it?

I have bought one of the Racal units, just to have the opportunity to fiddle
with an already working one; I identified the IF transformers used there and
are Toko common 10.7MHz Q=80 unit. They are not built anymore but it's possible
to find similar ones in Internet; however it happens to me frequently
to need information about the old Toko 10K series and there is not any
comprehensive source. I saw I share this frustration with many people in the
electronics newsgroups.
Finally I found that a (fairly) complete Toko catalog existed, it was sold by
Cirkit in '94 and it's not available anymore.
Someone has it in PDF form, or want to borrow it to me to scan it?

By the way, I see that really many of the 10MHz reference out there, are in
effect doubled 5MHz ones so build a doubler seems reasonable for me.

Best regards,
Andrea Baldoni

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