[time-nuts] 5>10 doubler and old Toko RF catalogue (Cirkit2nd ed. 1994)

Adrian Godwin artgodwin at gmail.com
Wed Jan 28 09:06:16 EST 2015

I think another spinoff from Cirkit was Mainline Electronics of Leicester.
They also mostly disappeared (though I have wondered if they still trade as
the ebay seller anonalouise, who seems to have similar stock).

Mainline Electronics seems to exist as a Russian website, and it looks as
though they have something similar to the Toko range :


Barend Hendrikson http://barendh.home.xs4all.nl/Indexeng.htm also has a
useful range of RF components.

On Wed, Jan 28, 2015 at 10:00 AM, David <t_list_1_only at braw.co.uk> wrote:

> Andrea, an answer your original Toko data question  below.
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> >Subject: [time-nuts] 5>10 doubler and old Toko RF catalogue (Cirkit2nd
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> >Finally I found that a (fairly) complete Toko catalog existed, it was
> sold by
> >Cirkit in '94 and it's not available anymore.
> >Someone has it in PDF form, or want to borrow it to me to scan it?
> >Best regards,
> >Andrea Baldoni
> I had a look at the BEC catalogues and they have the same Toko data,
> rather than scan 60 pages or so. You can get what you want with the
> WayBack machine (web archive) to see old Toko data online right now at
> the archived  www.bec.co.uk site, try this for a starter:
> http://web.archive.org/web/20041129173623/http://217.34.
> 228.137/PG800/8var/p25.htm
> I think BEC (Bonex Electronic Components) followed on from CirKit but
> don't remember if there was a formal connection between the companies or
> not.
> Hope that helps, this method to find old data is frequently.
> David
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