[time-nuts] LTE Lite time error

Mike Cook michael.cook at sfr.fr
Wed Jan 28 13:33:41 EST 2015

> Le 28 janv. 2015 à 18:27, Tom Van Baak <tvb at LeapSecond.com> a écrit :
>> I have verified the Skytraq claim on my stand alone NS-T.
>> Tue Jan 27 06:52:06 UTC 2015 $GPGGA,065206.000,4847.3506
> Hi Mike,
> Please use more precise timestamps so your results can be believed. In general it's not adequate to use one second unix time stamps to identify a possible one second NMEA error.

    Thanks for the pointer Tom. I realize that it was not ideal and that some NMEA traffic can leak into the following second if there is enough or if the serial baud rate is too low , but the results with my lash up looked unambiguous. I wouldn’t use the same method for any analysis.   

Bit of news from my supplier.  They have said they will send me a new module with corrected firmware. All I requested was the firmware. Nice of them. 


> Instead try using something like dateu.c (www.leapsecond.com/tools/) to output microsecond timestamps.
> /tvb
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