[time-nuts] 5>10 doubler

Gerhard Hoffmann dk4xp at arcor.de
Fri Jan 30 13:35:34 EST 2015

Am 30.01.2015 um 02:41 schrieb Alexander Pummer:
> And the narrow notch for the harmonic is not required anyway, since 
> the fundamental is fare enough, therefore a high Q  LC trap will work 
> better, also with the setting of the biasing af the active devices the 
> spures could be reduced to [ just observe the output with a spectrum 
> analyzer and set the bias of one site to minimum harmonics, there will 
> be no common optimum for all harmonics, but a good compromise could be 
> achieved ]
As usual, it depends. If you want absolutely deep notches, it is easy 
with the usual molded chokes
to produce craters at 5 and 15 MHz that meet at 10 MHz, even producing 
some loss there.
The harmonics are gone, then.

At the -3dB point of a resonator we have 45° phase shift, now calculate 
how many ps delay that
is at 10 MHz and then speculate on temperature stability.

On MY doubler board, Amidon toroids are in the layout, too, and I have 
written that they are good enough.
They are hard to get. I have heard that Amidon is really Micrometals, 
but have no cross
reference. A good alternative would be Siemens K1 pot cores, but they 
are much too big and probably only NOS.
But everybody can get 5 and 15 MHz crystals for 35 cents.

BTW, this is the spectrum of a Morion MV89A that happenes to be on my table:
10 dB external attenuator.  Could use some filtering, too.

regards, Gerhard

My two  BF862 are quite different. delta Vsource = 100mV.
Changing that would be the cheapest improvement.

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