[time-nuts] Re GPS Leap Second

Blair Lade blairl at bettanet.net.au
Thu Jul 16 06:52:09 EDT 2015

Hi All,

I've just joined time nuts so go easy on me!


An interesting 'moment' in time was had during the leap second!

The Symmetricon 2100 I have is fitted with the modified Heol GPS.

According to the video I took of the front LCD displays, it repeated the
first second,




I have an NTP server from ESE  (an ES295) that we use for HD video OSD

It went 



The NMEA string from my Motorola M12 units all went








They are now all in sync as would be expected

All in all, an acceptable outcome if not the expected outcome provided one
doesn't look too closely.


W/r to the Heol GPS, it is much more sensitive than the original ACE module,
locks on much faster and appears to solve the GPS week roll around issue as

Service from Heol was excellent, the module being received within a week.


We also have a lot of seismic monitoring recorders around Australia that had
applied the advertised leap second in January, these have all now sorted
them selves out (till next time). It made for interesting  data processing
and earthquake location extraction fun..not.


blairl at bettanet.net.au

Blair Lade

South Australia


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