[time-nuts] Another Free/Cheap Stuff Event coming April 3-4-5 at Sphere

walter shawlee 2 walter2 at sphere.bc.ca
Mon Mar 2 15:12:55 EST 2015

We hold this even every year to clear out accumulated parts and gear, this year 
there will be about 2 tons of stuff,
mainly Tek, HP, Fluke, Boonton test gear items, plus all the remaining Time Code 
rack units from Trak, Kode, etc.,
including two huge 4 foot time displays.  Perfect for that cape canaveral refit 
you are making in the basement. This year it will be during the easter long 
weekend so everybody has time to travel.

Everybody has a good time, we have people from all over BC, Alberta, Washington 
and Oregon each year, and it is especially useful for those interested in high 
end test gear of all kinds, or just general experimenting. There will also be 
lots of semiconductors, crystals, capacitors, inductors, ICs, tubes, CRTs, 
Nixies and hardware. this year we will also have a lot of mechanical parts, 
tools like stepped drills and pcb drills, milling bits and oddball metalwork. By 
request, also lots of high power transmitting tubes, and a lot of overhauled and 
cal'd Fluke DMM's from just $40. Also a Fairchild 6200B 1KV curve tracer and 
lots of other mysterious goodies.

If you have not been up here before, and need directions, we are 4 hours 
northeast of Vancouver in beautiful British Columbia, and our place looks out 
over the lake, so it really is beautiful. Email or call if you need more info or 
have special requests. Hope to see you.  YES, we take requests, just let us know 
what you need specifically, we will try and locate it, and set it aside for you.

All the best,
walter  (walter2 at sphere.bc.ca)

Walter Shawlee 2, President
Sphere Research Corporation
3394 Sunnyside Rd.,  West Kelowna,  BC
V1Z 2V4  CANADA  Phone: (250) 769-1834
walter2 at sphere.bc.ca
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