[time-nuts] new tdc from Texas

Ben Gamari bgamari at physics.umass.edu
Thu Mar 5 09:39:44 EST 2015

379998 <379998 at qq.com> writes:
> Hi 
> The spec is similar with TDC-GP22. In double-res mode, the
> resolution is 45ps, the stdev is 35ps. This unit is 55ps and
> 35ps. Not sure when the sample chip is ready. The TSSOP package is
> much more friendly to homebrew guys.
Indeed this looks like quite an interesting device. I'm not sure I
understand how it is able to approach timing resolution comparable to
that of the THS788 yet at a fraction of the power. The sample rate is
evidently quite limited. Is this just a function of the ring oscillator
duty cycle being much smaller?

Also, does anyone understand the reason behind the 12ns minimum
measurement time?


- Ben
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