[time-nuts] Lady Heather

steve steve at sgteq.com
Mon Mar 9 09:35:05 EDT 2015

I finally powered up my Trimble Thunderbolt ("E") with a Motorola 
antenna. There is a 10 MHz output. Unfortunately, I can't get Lady 
Heather to tun more than 20 seconds without locking up. I have the 
same issue on 3 computers -  a Lenova Windows XP desktop with serial 
port, a Toshiba laptop (USB only), and an Asus netbook (also USB). In 
all cases, LH seems to start normally for 20 seconds, then runs 99% 
CPU per windows task manager and "does not respond". Tbolt Monitor 
seems to work - but does not indicate satellites are present, even 
though it did perform a position determination (100%) and indicates a 
control voltage is being applied. Any suggestions?

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