[time-nuts] Pinout for a wenzel oscillator

Steve Roberts steve at borisone.karoo.co.uk
Wed Mar 11 20:11:40 EDT 2015

Hiya all.

I'm looking for the pin out and specifications for a wenzel 100mhz oscillator.

I presume that it is a M/A-com piece with a part number : SC00129-01E.
+15V DC
Serial : 5093-0917

Package 1.5 x 1.5 x 0.5 inch.

Pcb pins only, fully sealed case with no mechanical trimmer.

Pins (distances between approx):

unknown (0.25 inch) ground (0.5 inch) ground

unknown (0.5 inch) unknown (0.5 inch) ground

I have done the usual Google and searched through the wenzel site. Although I can find the package outline, I can't find an item with 6 pins.


Steve Roberts

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