[time-nuts] Motorola Oncore UT+ firmware upgrade & backup power questions

Rex rexa at sonic.net
Fri Mar 13 18:36:08 EDT 2015

On UT+ firmware update. I don't think it is possible to update the 
firmware in a UT+.

Back in 2006, time-nuts had a member, Randy Warner, who worked at 
Synergy. In the message linked here

He describes the firmware update as a factory-only process that could be 
done then for $25. Now I doubt there is any way to get it done. I have 
never heard of any way to accomplish it without unobtanium factory tools 
and images.

If you search in that mail-archive time-nuts section (linked above), for 
the subject "Oncore GPS models", you may find some more information.

On 3/13/2015 1:33 PM, Pete Stephenson wrote:
> Hi all,
> After a few years of using a Garmin GPS 18x LVC for timekeeping, my
> budget now allows for some upgrades and I had a small field day on eBay:
> I acquired a Trimble Thunderbolt, two Trimble Resolution Ts, and two
> Motorola Oncore UT+s (seconds purchased for spares and testing).
> The documentation for the Trimbles is clear, but I had several questions
> regarding the Oncores that I was unable to find clear answers to online.
> I would be very much obliged if the folks here might be able to help.
> 1. Is it possible to upgrade the firmware on the Oncore UT+? If so,
> where can one acquire the latest firmware (3.2, I believe) files and how
> would go one about installing it? Is this something WinOncore can do? I
> ask because the receivers on eBay are of varying vintage and may not be
> fully upgraded.
> Since Motorola exited the GPS business a relatively long time ago,
> firmware updates and directions have proven difficult (impossible so
> far) for me to find.

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