[time-nuts] Tek fca31000 (Pendulum CNT91) initial measurements

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 I'm resending without the pictures as I fell foul of size limits,




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After much debate I decided to get a reconditioned ex-demo Tek fca 3100 rather than an ebay SR620 or Agilent/Keysight 53230A.
 I have a little table that I might combine in a bit of a review but the main reason was I was offered a very good discount along with a 3 year warranty.
 It arrived today and I've done the traditional pulsed measurement of cable delay and I'm happy with the results.
 The Std is 30 psecs (corresponding to a single shot resolution of around 21 psecs). This is obviously worse than the 53230 which measures std of around 10-15 psecs but is probably on a par with the SR620.
 The delay measured A to B was 5.0972 nsecs whilst the delay B to A was 5.1282 nsecs so the difference is only 31 psecs which I think implies a channel to channel skew of around 15 psecs (adds one way and subtracts the other?) this is much better than the spec sheet which is only < 500 psecs. The 53230 states its skew as 50 psecs typically.


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