[time-nuts] Harmonics suppression in ring oscillators

Attila Kinali attila at kinali.ch
Thu Mar 19 17:26:15 EDT 2015


On Thu, 19 Mar 2015 21:50:03 +0100
Florian Teply <usenet at teply.info> wrote:

> My guess would be slightly different: the fundamental mode of
> oscillation could be considered the lowest energy state of all
> oscillation modes. Assuming that the system wants to minimize energy,
> this would be the mode to choose if it can't get into a steady state.
> But here we are back in wild guess land, and I'm not even sure that the
> concept of minimum energy states has any meaning in this context.

That argumentation would work if all oscillation modes would have
a single, global energy source with a rate(power) limit.
An example for this are, e.g. lasers. There, the one mode with
the highest gain will suck up all energy from the other modes.
And the pump source replenishes the energy at a fixed, limted rate.
But in a ring oscillator, the energy is provided for each element
seperately and replenished as needed. Ie there is no competition
for energy between the different modes (all switching edges walk
around with the same speed and there are never two edges at the
same gate).

Hmm...  maybe the assumption that all edges walk around at the
same speed is wrong?

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