[time-nuts] Comparing the BeagleBone Black & Raspberry Pi asNTP servers

Graham / KE9H ke9h.graham at gmail.com
Sun Mar 22 10:18:29 EDT 2015


If you are running "headless", that is, not using the on board
video-graphics system,
all interaction with the unit is via the console, local or SSH.

In this case, I would use the "console" version as described above.  It is
one tenth the size of the version you are using.

You will need to install ntp, and disable whatever time system is already
As well as any time and logging services that you do not use, that you can

Debian is in transition from using a services management system called
"init" to
a new system called systemd or "system daemon."  Debian 7.8 you are using
is a mixture of both.  By Debian 8 (jessie) the transition will be complete
is an almost pure systemd environment that will give you a centralized
and command set to view and turn on/off all services, including the
time-based ones.

Jessie is in test currently, and should be released in the next few months.
It is the OS for the new Beaglebone X-15 due out mid-year.  They have not
yet released a "console" version, but it real close.

The other thing that will help is getting rid of the cape-manager system you
are using, that is file i/o based.  There is a lot of file scanning going
on that
is not useful in time critical applications.

--- Graham


On Sun, Mar 22, 2015 at 8:29 AM, Mike George <mgeorge at tuffmail.us> wrote:

> David:
> On this page:
> http://elinux.org/Beagleboard:BeagleBoneBlack_Debian#BBW.
> 2FBBB_.28All_Revs.29
> they list an alternative console only image:
> https://rcn-ee.com/rootfs/bb.org/release/2015-03-01/
> console/bone-debian-7.8-console-armhf-2015-03-01-2gb.img.xz
> It might be easier starting with that if you don't intend to use graphics.
> Mike
> On 3/22/2015 03:46, David J Taylor wrote:
>> David:
>> On the BBB, were you running the fully loaded release, or the minimum
>> "console" version of the OS?
>> Which specific version of the OS?
>> Thanks,
>> --- Graham
>> =================================
>> Graham,
>> The download was:
>>  bone-debian-7.8-lxde-4gb-armhf-2015-03-01-4gb.img.xz (547,024,548 bytes)
>> which was from the "Recommended Debian Images" from:
>> http://beagleboard.org/latest-images.  Perhaps there are some services
>> or background tasks I can disable to reduce the CPU steady load from its
>> present 16% average level?
>> 73,
>> David GM8ARV
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