[time-nuts] Some observations of the BG7T BL GPSDO

Alan Ambrose alan.ambrose at anagram.net
Sun Mar 22 13:40:13 EDT 2015


> See performance plots, data files, and summary at

> http://www.ke5fx.com/gpscomp.htm .   Thanks to Bob, W7AVK for the loan of

> the unit for testing!  Would be curious to know if anyone else has

> encountered a similar frequency error, or if the issue I saw was unique to

> this particular example.

Curious, but I'm wondering whether there are any artefacts that might have been caused by the weak GPS signal? I would feel more comfortable if the unit had its planned strong GPS signal throughout the test. I know it's meant to cope with that, but it might have thrown up an obscure software bug. Exactly how that might have nudged the frequency off I can't figure.


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