[time-nuts] Lucent RFTG-m-XO failure to obtain GPS signal

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Wed Mar 25 19:34:59 EDT 2015

bill at iaxs.net said:
> Have computers but no S/W. 

> Is there a way to tell what's going on without hacking it from the basic
> bits? Would really like to solve this problem.

If it's anything like the other Lucent/HP boxes, the serial port talks ASCII. 
 You should be able to talk to it with a terminal emulator program or direct 
from the shell.

What OS are you using?  I can't help with Windows.  With *ix, I'd do "cat 
/dev/ttyXX" on one window and "echo "xxx" > /dev/ttyXX" on another.  Use stty 
to adjust baud rate.


Was it ever working in your location?  Was it ever working in some other 

My quick guess would be that it did a survey at another location and is 
having trouble getting started because it "knows" the wrong location.  If so, 
once you can talk to it you can tell it to do a survey...

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