[time-nuts] Sphere Research's annual Stuff Day is next week!

walter shawlee 2 walter2 at sphere.bc.ca
Wed Mar 25 20:24:01 EDT 2015

Just a reminder, Sphere Research's annual Stuff Day is *next week*, April 3rd 
(friday) and April 4th (saturday), 9am to 4 pm. There will be (literally) tons 
of free stuff, plus some great test gear for dirt cheap prices. if you need more 
info, please look here on our webpage:


We are in West Kelowna, BC, Canada, just 4 hours from Vancouver or Seattle. tons 
of interesting HP stuff, including some free hp 436A and Boonton power meters, 
spectrum analyzer eyebrow converters, 8620C sweepers and spare scales, all kinds 
of nifty things. Please remember to bring your own boxes and bags for parts. we 
have gazillions of new parts in bulk and on reels. Also, lots of vacuum tubes 
for the filament fans. There's a big box of free tubes, take all you like.

There's a big pile of Tek, HP and Philips manuals, just $2 each, plus some nice 
scopes, plug ins and yes, CRTs from Tek and HP scopes. we'd like to be rid of 
all of them (we'd REALLY like the space back), so make any reasonable offer, and 
they are yours. There all all kinds of *time code units* (displays, converters 
and generators), including two big 4 foot time displays. there are also some EMI 
test receivers, and new combined GPS/Leosat positioning systems.

Lots of fluke, hp, boonton, GR, pmi/wavetek,Tektronix and other stuff will go, 
and yes, we take requests if you need something in particular!

let me know off list if any interest or questions,
all the best,
walter  (walter2 -at- sphere.bc.ca)
sphere research corp.

Walter Shawlee 2, President
Sphere Research Corporation
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walter2 at sphere.bc.ca
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