[time-nuts] Need advice for multilateration setup

Chuck Harris cfharris at erols.com
Fri Mar 27 13:29:57 EDT 2015

The biggest problem I see is the crystal oscillator in the
rocket is going to notice the G forces during acceleration
in a pretty big way.  Time nuts easily notice the reversal
in a 1G force on a laboratory oscillator caused by flipping
it on its back for service.

But all is not even close to lost.

If your transmitter is amplitude modulated with a rate that
is a digital division of your crystal's frequency, then you
can remove any G-variation in the crystal's frequency by
observing frequency variations in your modulation.

Doppler will change the carrier frequency with speed, but it
won't change the amplitude modulation frequency.

Otherwise it should work beautifully.

-Chuck Harris

Peter Reilley wrote:
> Robert;
> It seems that a Doppler system should work for you.
> But first, you have a problem.   If you want to track your rocket
> to 100K feet (20 miles) using some form of triangulation then you
> need your receiving stations further apart than 1 mile.   Your
> triangle is too extreme and any measurement error will be greatly
> amplified.
> Here is what I suggest.

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