[time-nuts] HP5335A GPIB questions.

Luke Mester lmester60 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 27 14:45:35 EDT 2015

>Luke, the HP5335A was introduced in around 1980 and has an early
>(pre-IEEE-488.2) HP implementation of IEEE-488 which requires a
>terminator character at the end of each string. According to the manual,
>this terminator can be a comma, semicolon, space, carriage return, or
>line feed character.

>The delays are extremely important.  The 5335A can and will hang if you
>don't wait long enough.  In keeping with that, *do not* set your adapter to
>do an automatic read after sending data over the GPIB.

Bill, Orin, Thank you!  You solved my problem!

It's working normally now! I was not sending a terminator at the end of the
command and I had automatic read after send turned on. Setting to manual
read, sending <CR> and then reading manually stopped the strange behavior.

With a few lines of BASIC I'm now saving frequency readings to a file.

 I've already found that my home-built adapter won't work with Timelab. It
has served it's purpose. With less than $10 worth of parts I was able to
verify that the GPIB on my HP5335A is working. Now it's time to get a
better GPIB adapter.

I like the Prologix because It's easy for me to write code to access a com
port.  Do you know if the 82357 type adapters can be accessed as a com
port?  Any suggestions on what adapter to use?

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