[time-nuts] The Pendulum Paradigm by Martin Beech, 2014

Peter Monta pmonta at gmail.com
Sun Nov 1 03:48:41 EST 2015

> Further, would you be able to see the phase of the moon and the tides?
>  This
> is using the pendulum as a gravimeter.   Would it be sensitive enough for
> that?

Yes.  There's a book called "My Own Right Time", by a skilled amateur
clockmaker (Philip Woodward), that shows some periodograms of
pendulum-clock time series.  Various tidal frequencies are clearly detected
as I recall.  He has an interesting design aesthetic.


Also there's Robert Matthys' "Accurate Clock Pendulums" which does a deep
dive into pendulum materials and systems (tldr: use fused silica rods and
be careful about mechanical connections and fasteners):


I wonder if a gravimeter could be used to aid a pendulum clock, just as
temperature and barometric compensation did back in the day.


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