[time-nuts] Bad date out of HP Z3805A

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Sun Nov 1 21:20:28 EST 2015

charlie at drhabekost.com said:
> I did a system reset, and a new survey. The date on startup is 1/1/1996; It
> jumps to 3/17/1996 and stays there (over a week now). All other functions
> appear to be normal. Power off/on, no difference.

> Am I missing something? 

That sounds like the 1024 week rollover problem.

I don't have a 3805, but I had similar troubles with a 3801.

The 3801 has a command to set the date.  You can find the details in the 
manual which is readily available.  You may have to set the date before it 
gets the date from a satellite.  That may be easier if you disconnect the 
antenna and then power cycle.

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