[time-nuts] GPS disciplined FE5680A

EWKehren at aol.com EWKehren at aol.com
Tue Nov 3 08:15:09 EST 2015

The GPSDO is alive and well. We have run and are running in excess of 15  
units in Beta test on FE 5680, 5650 and 405 with very good results. There are 
 several reasons for the release delay also doe to the fact that I have 
moved  along with s a significant down sizing.
I will not be in the kit business and have decided that the module will be  
offered to time nuts assembled and tested. A time nut is in the final   
phase with the first 5 units ready for beta test. Some time nuts may want to  
copy me off list. Price will be $ 65 I will not be involved except selecting 
the  candidates. The candidates should be willing to disable the temperature 
 compensation extensively covered and have at least heat sink preferably  
temperature control.
Goal is to start shipping in volume before the end of the year. I have  no 
financial interest in it.
Skip offers a modified FE 5650 with the same data format that the popular  
5680. You may contact him direct.
Again a caution there are many data formats and only the most poular format 
 that has been extensively covered on the list is supported.
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time-nuts at febo.com writes:

Following Nick's comment, under the subject "Z3801A and  FE-5680A Allen  
Variances", that he briefly considered   designing a board to GPS 
the FE5680A, I'm pretty sure  that a year or so ago just such a board  was 
suggested as being close  enough to completion to warrant a request for  
testers, with  perhaps even a suggestion that it could be made  available 
as a 
group  purchase.

Since then though, as far as I'm aware anyway, it just seems  to have  
disappeared without trace, or did I miss  something?



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