[time-nuts] NAVSTAR proteus GPS time and frequency unit

GandalfG8 at aol.com GandalfG8 at aol.com
Sun Nov 8 05:41:30 EST 2015

An update on this just in case anyone else interested.......
I've confirmed that the Symmetricom CDU software for the Proteus GPS unit  
will run fine under Windows 7 on a 2009 HP dual-core laptop using a  
Prolific USB to RS232 convertor. There is no option to select baud rates etc in  
the CDU software, just the option to select the appropriate COM port  between 
1 and 4.
The Proteus here did not start up displaying the current date, probably not 
 helped by this one not being used for several years, but once  the correct 
date was set via the software it updated  correctly and maintained it for 
short power disconnections at  least.
The antenna socket does feed 12 Volts to the antenna, although the  
originally supplied volute style antenna is not particularly sensitive and would  
definitely require a good outdoor location.
A more sensitive Symmetricom 1280 provided reasonable results for  indoor 

Hi all,
 I have the chance to buy a new boxed unit. Having glanced at the manual I
 understand that the configuration software runs under Windows 95 and uses a
 serial RS232 port. The only Windows box I have now runs Windows 10 and has
 USB only. So my questions are, can I run the config software under Windows
 10 and will a USB to serial adaptor work with it? I will need to make a
 power supply for it as I think it requires 24 volts. That should be no
 Any comments great fully received.
 Thanks in advance,
 Steve G0XAR


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