[time-nuts] HP 3335A for the impoverished experimenter

Bill Hawkins bill at iaxs.net
Mon Nov 9 01:16:55 EST 2015


I have the subject frequency synthesizer and the expanded foam shipping
container it arrived in.

I also have to move to an apartment in a life care community in two

True, the focus of this list seems to be on 10 MHz, but if you'd like to
experiment with precision frequencies between 200 Hz and 80 MHz, this is
for you.

The instrument has been checked with a few minor repairs. It is fully
functional as measured with a Racal 1992 counter and rubidium external
standard. Amplitude was checked with a Triplett 630 VOM, so accuracy of
the measurement was 5% and didn't go down to millivolts. A scope could
see that there was output that low and seemed to follow the dB ratios.

I'm asking $200 for it shipped in continental US. The Racal counter is
available for $100 shipped.

At this point I don't care if it goes to a dealer who sells it for
$1500. But if there are multiple requests, it goes to the best
impoverished experimenter story.

Please reply directly to bill at iaxs.net, not the list.

It's been fun.

Bill Hawkins

P.S. Also have a 3335A parts unit and an Efratom FRK L rubidium pulled
from a Collins Omega navigation set, oh, and a set of the older Lucent
RFTG XO and RB units. The newer units don't have RB oscillators.

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