[time-nuts] Dipleidoscope

Larry McDavid lmcdavid at lmceng.com
Mon Nov 9 17:05:31 EST 2015

Actually, it is an Edward John Dent dipleidoscope, or E. J. Dent, not I. 
E. Dent. But, hand engraving an "I" is much easier than engraving a "J" 
so many (not all) dipleidoscope covers were in fact engraved, "E. I. Dent."

This letter substitution is similar to that seen in the often-engraved, 
"TRVTH" seen on buildings.

Dent is a famous watch and chronometer maker, with offices in London. 
Edward John Dent designed, but did not live to see built, the famous 
London Great Clock, popularly known as, "Big Ben."

Surprisingly, the Dent & Company survives today and still produces 
custom clocks, spanning three centuries of clock making excellence.

Alas, through personal correspondence, the Dent & Company today seems 
unaware of the Dent Dipleidoscope.


On 11/9/2015 9:16 AM, James Hazi wrote:
> Hi,  I am trying to get in touch with larry McDavid , I came across a I.E. Dent Dipleidoscope and I was wondering if he would give me some insight on it. I would be able to send some pictures if you would request. Thanks, Jim 		 	   		

Best wishes,

Larry McDavid W6FUB
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