[time-nuts] Downsizing dilemma, HP 3335A

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Thu Nov 12 02:53:30 EST 2015

jim.cotton at wmich.edu said:
> I work at a university and my experience has been that the students are
> willing to learn and quite competent. 

Stanford has a class called Mechatronics, or something like that.  Teams of 
3-5 students build a robot to do a task.  The task changes from year to year. 
 It's something like carry some poker chips over there and dump them into a 
bin.  You have to get more in than the other guy.  The rules fit on one sheet 
of paper.  At the end of the term there is a contest/party.  I got to watch 
last year.
There isn't much analog design, but there is a lot of wiring up motors and 
sensors.  And lots of firmware.  It's a mechanical engineering class.

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