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William Schrempp bill_schrempp at comcast.net
Thu Nov 12 16:01:39 EST 2015

Interesting discussion! How much is this the familiar spectacle of old coots
(I am one of them) harrumphing about the younger generation and how things
are now going to hell? And how much is it a well-justified lament and elegy
over a true golden age and how its important and honorable skills are now
being disvalued and forgotten? I certainly hear concerns in many quarters
about how technology is dumbing us down. The FAA is said to be worried about
commercial pilots who can barely hand-fly the airplane whose Flight Director
has failed. I hear old machinists complaining about new machinists who can't
drill a hole if the drill-press isn't computer-controlled. And in my work,
nurse education, I see students who can't be bothered to learn how to take a
manual blood-pressure, because a machine can now do it (sort of). Much to
ponder here. . . .


Bill Schrempp


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