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Chuck Harris cfharris at erols.com
Fri Nov 27 16:29:46 EST 2015

Or, you could just stay at high elevation for a longer
period of time and make the travel time less significant.

-Chuck Harris

Arthur Dent wrote:
> Tom wrote: "I'll make just a one word correction to your
> summary. The clocks run a bit faster not because of "the
> spinning earth" but because of "the earth"."
>   You are correct, I misspoke. While that point may have
> been wrong I did check the elevation of Mount Sunapee
> and it is indeed at 2726 feet as measured by USGS and
> others. When I posted before I 'assumed' the researchers
> were from MIT or one of the Boston area schools (or UNH)
> and would therefore be at sea level. Rewatching the video
> they do say that the second clock is at sea level but
> they don't mention where they are. The drive up to the
> base of the mountain would probably be 1 to 1.5 hours
> so the 1st clock didn't go from sea level to 2726 feet
> instantaneously so during that travel time it was probably
> at an average of about 500' which is near the average
> elevation in New Hampshire.
> If the experiment had been conducted in the  Burj Khalifa
> in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and the elevator could go
> from sea level to about 2000 feet, which may be the top
> floor, the experiment might be more exact because you'd
> eliminate the travel time.
> -Arthur
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