[time-nuts] Einstein Special on PBS

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Sat Nov 28 18:34:49 EST 2015


On 11/28/2015 06:05 PM, Mark Sims wrote:
> The GPS spec implies the satellites have a fixed frequency offset to compensate for relativistic effects.

The spec actually points out that explicitly. This is the General 
Relativity shift due to different gravitational position of the satellites.

>  But do they actually dynamically and/or individually adjust the frequency to adjust for orbit variations and eccentricities?   		 	   		

No, this is what the user will have to do, as this depends on where the 
user receiver is, as these effects shift with place of observation of 
the orbit. For normal C/A-code receivers, this only turns out as the 
doppler shift, and once locked, the carrier control loop cancels it out 
and the pseudo-ranges only use the code-phase.


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