[time-nuts] Tardis [WAS: Using the HP 58503a to correct your PC clock]

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Fri Aug 5 01:44:35 EDT 2016

ronott at sbcglobal.net said:
> I'm working on NTP and have no idea what's happening. The description says
> it takes over the PC clock, excluding other apps.

It doesn't make sense to have more than one program trying to adjust the 
clock.  They will just confuse each other.

I think what that is trying to tell you is to disable any other clock-setting 
programs that may be running.  There is probably something in the system that 
does that.  I don't know anything about Windows so I can't tell you how to 
disable it.  But keep your eye open for something like that.

I think Meinberg used to provide a package that installed NTP and did all the 
right stuff to set it up.

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