[time-nuts] Oscillator Phase Noise: A 50-Year Review

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Some of the cited references are poor, modern non-linear mathematic is kind 
 of omitted . After all the oscillator  phase noise speculation, I would  
have really liked to see at last a reference about the most modern 
measurements  techniques and it validation. How do you calibrate a phase noise test  
Leeson produced a somewhat random selection of papers , omitting important  
things like the sapphire based best in the word . This was not even 
referenced  .
I think he is really out of it .
73 de N1UL  
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john at miles.io writes:

> Very selected and incomplete references and the equally   important
> question
> of measurements strangely not  covered
> 73 de N 1  UL

I suppose he could  write an equally-lengthy article on measurements alone, 
but leaving out the  post-1970s history entirely was a little 
disappointing.  It was strange  to hit "ctrl-f Rohde" and see only one reference in the 
bibliography.   Same for "Hewlett."  "Rubiola" brings up one hit (but no 
citations) and  "Stein" brings up none at all.  

-- john, KE5FX
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