[time-nuts] Looking to find an antenna for a TrueTime XL-DC

Rick Jones rick.jones2 at hpe.com
Mon Aug 8 12:42:07 EDT 2016

On 08/04/2016 04:10 PM, Rick Jones wrote:
> I have been bequeathed a TrueTime XL-DC, Model 151-601-1, serial number
> 1671 per a sticker on the side.  On the back, on the right as one faces
> the back, is a small sticker that says "Down Conv. Req'd"
> Unsurprisingly, it has arrived without an antenna.  If the original
> antenna still exists, it is on a building roof in Ft. Collins Colorado
> and is likely effectively lost.  (I'm in Sunnyvale, CA)
> HalM was kind enough to come over the other day with some antennae which
> we tried without success.  Since then I've done a bit of web searching
> and come across:
> http://www.prostudioconnection.com/Symmetricom-TrueTime-GPS-Antenna-140-615-Downconve-p/282092173717.htm
> It seems to be a part that was (also) included in a larger down/up
> conversion product, the 140-6150.  I was wondering if the naive
> assumption that "TrueTime down conversion is TrueTime down conversion"
> and the sticker on the back of the DC-XL might mean the 140-615 antenna
> would work with the DC-XL?

In parallel I contacted the support folks at Microsemi via their 
website.  They were kind enough to reply to let me know that the 142-615 
will not work with the downconverted XL-DC model above.  They suggested 
that perhaps a 142-603 or 142-610 would work so I'll cast about the web 
some more.

happy benchmarking,

rick jones

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