[time-nuts] FDA1050 distribution amplifier

Ole Stender Nielsen olstni at mail.tele.dk
Wed Aug 10 18:24:29 EDT 2016


I took a shot of the board inside the FDA1050 distribution amplifier: It 
features a number of EL2002CN buffers, an AD811AN and an AD812AN, both 
current feedback op-amps. There's also a MAX353CPE switch, plus a few 
low-speed comparators (LM393N and LM339N), apparently taking part in the 
level monitoring.

Note the unused SMB input connector on the left, which I would like to 
put into use. The next step is to reverse engineer the board and jot 
down a schematic to find out what to do. With only leaded components 
that should not take too long...

Also, to my surprise there's a 10 MHz crystal and an adjustable coil, 
though the amplifier is specified for a wide frequency range between 2 
Hz and 15 MHz. I suspect the 10 MHz crystal and the coil take part in 
the internal 10 MHz band-pass filter option mentioned in the data sheet 
for the FDA1050, available from Brandywine. There's no bandpass filter 
option enabled in my FD1050, but I will resist the temptation to fiddle 
with the jumpers to see if the option can enabled. First, I have a 
schematic to make...


Den 02-08-2016 kl. 22:59 skrev Ole Stender Nielsen:
> All,
> I have a Time & Frequency Solutions (Brandywine) FDA1050 distribution 
> amplifier, the version with just one input.
> The board inside has actually a connector for a second input, and I 
> would like to see if this input could be put into use.
> However, with no manual/schematics at hand (plus a number of jumpers 
> on the board) I would have to do some reverse engineering.
> As entertaining as this may be, I would prefer to dig into a manual, 
> preferably one with schematics, if available at all.
> Would any of you have documentation on the FDA1050 that could get me 
> started?
> Best regards
> Ole
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