[time-nuts] Shera revisted

Joakim Langlet joakim.langlet at seaview.se
Thu Aug 11 06:03:37 EDT 2016

You are so right, Chris.
The Zynq is absolutely an overkill for an ordinary GPSDO.
What I think is attractive with the Zynq are the possibilities to 
experiment with different implementations of counters and gates without 
soldering and that you can get pretty fast counters well integrated with 
the processor.

The Zynq would be pretty good for SDR experiments too, as you point out.
That may well be my next project.

On 2016-08-11 05:18, Chris Albertson wrote:
> Thanks for pointing out the Zynq.  Wow you get a dual core ARM and an
> FPGA all in one package.   It seems overkill for a GPSDO but not the
> type you are making as you can transferring the time out of the GPSDO
> using PTP.
> The Zyng looks to the the perfect platform for low-cost SDR.

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